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          This second Bi-annual Family Reunion would not have been possible without the patience, understanding, encouragement, and efforts of a number of family members, friends and colleagues.  At the risk of omitting someone, for which  we the executive committee apologize in qdvqnce, we would like to acknowledge the participation of others in this rndeavor.

     We are indeed grateful for the many people at Guyana Airways, particulary Mr. William Braithwaite - Manger and Ms. Cheryl Lancester, for their past eight months.  Weextend a special to Ms. Beverly Frase for her support, Guidance and advice during pat year.  We are grateful for the contribution of $100.00 from Mrs. Doreen Rudder (Cousin Doreen).

  A special thank you is extended to the Guyana committee especially Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Marks, for making all the arrangements in Guyana for ming our trip possible.

     To all our relative and friends who supported, and made donations to our fun raising activities over the years, espically the models at our Mother's day Luncheon, Patricia Nicholas, Andrea James, Raquel Nurse, Donnette Chester, Marvel Copeland, Michelle Burnette, Micholas Chester, and Jennifer Wiggins, the coordinator, E;ozabeth- make-up consultant; Heather Burnett, commentator; D.J. Coker - music; and the luncheon committee- Audrey Faset, Nicholas Chester, and Yonette Shaw

     To all our spongers of this journal, finally, which in this case mean first, we thank our Father in Heaven who gave us the life experiences and wisdom to work in harmony to bring this wonderful, powerful, amd resourceful family - all five branches - together again. For without whose grace, the Reunion could not have been posible 




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        Is for the Faith and Fortitude instilled in us by the Johnsons,


   A      Is for the Aspirations that we all have to succeed at our chosen goals.


   M     Is for the Meritorious service we have all given to mankind,  the Multitude of good deeds that we              have done for each other, and for people with whom we have come into contact in our daily lives.


   I      Am for the positive Integrity we built up and our Influence on the present and future generations   of  Johnsons.

  L       Is for the Legacy of hard work and honesty we have inherited.

  Y        Is for the Yearning to visit the land from which our ancestors we  Yanked. We revere the memory.

From:  The James - Banarsees

                                                The James - Roberts.

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