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History of Queenstown Community Library

As part of the 1991 Queenstown Commenoration Celebration, the Committee of Management embarked upon a Library project. The main objective of this project was to improve the educational standard of the Queenstown Community, but so successful this venture has been, that it does not only fulfil hte needs of this immediate environment, but that of a very large expanse of Reg. No. 2 (Anna Regina to Suddie, apporximately 12 miles).

The then Chairman of the committee, E. Marks, sought some help from the Ministry of Education t 68 Brickdam. The librarian there, Mrs Jacobs, was most co-operative. She made available 534 books to the Queenstown Community as gift to mark the 150th

Anniversary. This formed the nucleus of our library.

Queenstown Community Library was Opened on December 2, 1991, at Ms. Caryl's residence. Sixty five (65) books were donated by members of the community, which gave a total of hive hundred and ninety nine (599) books.

We started with one Liberian and two Assistant Librans namely, Mrs. Waveney Dainty, Ms. Karen Nurse. A library committee was formed. A stipen for four hundred and eighty dollars (480)was paid per month, along with six hundred dollars (600) for rent. Mrs. Hyacinth Gray supervised voluntarily.

On July 15th, 1992, the Library was transferred to the Village Office with a total of eight hundred and sixty one (861) books. Assistant, Mrs. Dianna Stewart, later resigned leaving only one Liberian, Mrs. Waveney Dainty. Dr. Dudley Ellis sent papers every month for the Library.

For the past four years each member paid twenty five ($25.00) dollars as membership fee, and three ($3.00) dollars for each book borrowed for a duration of seven days. Subsequently the fee was increased to thirty ($30.00) dollars, and five ($5.00) dollars for each book borrowed.

There are three hundred and twelve (312) registered members and the Library has a total of four thousand one hundred and sixty (4160) books. We also received books from various agencies while other persons would make their own contribution. The lights for the library were installed by the Aberdeen/Zorg-en-Vlyht the Government paid the li rary a visit.

In concluding, it is my opinion that the members of the community do make full use of the Library.

Submitted by.......Waveney Dainty

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